Who We Are

Jarsh was named after Jarvis from Iron Man and it means “Just A Rather Safe Helmet”

It all started as a discussion on how to improve the lives of workers in harsh factory environments where heat becomes unbearable and productivity declines, not to mention the behavioural issues at shop floor.

Jarsh transforms the way safety gear works. We are a company that specialize in miniature cooling systems. We design helmets that are comfortable to use and helps to stay safe in any type of industrial environment. With Jarsh helmets, the work force can keep themselves cool, calm and efficient in any workspace the planet may offer.

From the conceptual stage, Jarsh was always focused on two things – Safety & Productivity. Over the years, we have ensured that as the journey moves from innovation by college students to one of the officially accredited startups of the country, we have carved a niche for ourselves. We take pride in saying that our air-conditioned helmet is The First Made in India Helmet that has an industrial application and helps in improving the lives of the employees using them and their productivity.

Our air-conditioned helmet is unique, safe and improves production while it can improve the lives of millions of people who are the backbone of every industry – the workers.

Jarsh, today, is an innovation driven company. We not only constantly look out to improve the air conditioned helmet based on user reviews and feedback from the production & HR managers, where these helmets are deployed, but are also engaged in various other next generation products that may help to improve the lives of people across the globe.


To evaluate, develop and effectively deploy technologies with a goal to uplift the bottom of the society pyramid.


To improve productivity at workplace by providing safe and comfortable head gears.


Mr. Kausthub Kaundinya - CEO
An Engineer from Telangana’s premier Engineering college, Vignan Jyoti, and trained by the Indian School of Business, Kausthub loves developing products and drives the vision of the company.
Mr. Anand Kumar - CPO
Passionate about hardware, Anand proudly gets away with his daily problems using frugal innovations. He heads production.
Mr. Krishna Mohan - ADVISOR
Mr. Mohan has over 30 years experience in the financial sector.
Mr. Sreekanth Kommula - CTO
An engineer by education, an innovator at heart, Sreekanth fancies design and ensures all our products are world class.
A renowned innovator, Dr. Rao is a director at Jayem Automotives.